Carbon & Plastic Credit


From the Kyoto Protocol in 1997, through all the global summits, to the recent COP27 just concluded in Egypt, most countries have set progressive targets to protect the planet by decreasing their environmental impact.

Many of these results depend above all on the actions of companies in the various production areas (industry, transport, energy, agriculture) that are directly involved in CO2 and plastic waste emissions (two of the planet’s biggest problems).

Most of these companies, however, after reducing emissions through investments in internal processes, must compensate for the remaining carbon and plastic impact: DSC Solutions supports businesses and companies by providing Carbon Credit VER (Verified or Voluntary Emission Reductions) or Plastic Credit CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

Carbon and Plastic Neutral are now increasingly strategic objectives in the management and action-communication of companies, which can act effectively with DSC Solutions to assess and manage their climate footprint, up to neutrality (carbon or plastic), aligning their actions with the objectives of international climate agreements.


The most dynamic and forward-thinking companies have already set the goal of achieving Carbon Neutrality, committing to zero net emissions in the coming years.  The same path for companies that want to zero the environmental impact from plastic waste, which they generate every day. More and more consumers, partners and financing institutions choose companies that prove to have at least declared or established a path towards zero impact of their activities, products or services. The more we contribute to high quality emission reduction projects, the greater the positive impact on the climate, natural ecosystems, and the efficiency and value of our company.

Some examples of companies that have set their own targets to offset their environmental impact

Climate contribution: Today a choice (that saves money), tomorrow an obligation

Governments are inserting additional penalties in almost every sector for those who don’t comply with emissions reductions and plastic waste. Most companies in the 2021-2022 biennium are therefore rushing to make amends, reserving exclusive rights to generate as many credits (carbon or plastic) as possible at current prices. This marketplace encourages companies to lower their carbon and plastic footprint so they don’t have to pay future penalties, or pay 2 or 3 times more than current value for the same credits. DSC Solutions guarantees companies the supply of these tools (monitored, guaranteed and certified), avoiding further future costs. Why are all companies acquiring Carbon Credits? Because it is much less expensive than paying penalties.

The benefits of offsetting carbon and plastic waste emissions

  1. Competitive Advantage – For the same product/service, sustainability becomes an advantage unable to make a difference in the purchase or in the choice of one’s partners.
  2. Anticipate change – Environmental regulations are becoming more and more central at national, European and international level, and with them the consequent concessions and penalising forms of taxation, fines or sanctions.
  3. Improved brand marketing and customer satisfaction – The responsibility and commitment shown in reducing its environmental impact creates a very positive feeling among its customers, partners and employees, improving awareness and loyalty.
  4. Encourage and attract funding – Environmental impact is already an increasingly used benchmark in evaluating which company to target for funding and investment.
  5. Strengthen your team and attract new young talent – Commitment to a better future and a cleaner planet means attracting talent and incentivizing their long-term retention.
  6. Improve the environment – Neutralize the environmental and climate impact of your company, the products or services you bring to market.

DSC Solutions’ flexibility and dynamism will help start your company’s environmental offset process with confidence, transparency and speed.


Being Carbon Neutral means having a neutral impact on the Planet, and therefore producing zero net emissions in a year. Thanks to our partnerships with forestry or renewable energy companies, we have increasing amounts of Verified or Voluntary Emission Reductions (VER) Carbon Credits ready to meet your company’s needs. If, on the other hand, your company captures CO2 through its own activities (e.g., bamboo plantations, renewable energy, etc…), we start a process of certification and emission of Carbon Credit, obtaining economic and environmental benefits.

The Cycle of Generation, Certification, Emission and Monitoring of Carbon Credit VERs


Dsc Solutions and its international partners launch CSR Plastic Credit, the first digital certificate that proves a certain amount of plastic waste has been removed from the environment and recycled.

In case of DSC Solutions, the entire process of generation and issuance of Credits (removes plastic waste, chemically recycles it and creates and disburses Plastic Credits) is tracked in Blockchain, that securely and transparently traces, certifies the path of plastic waste, from its collection to its transformation, issuing the corresponding CSRs. Each CSR Plastic Credit and each transaction is recorded in a public register that can be consulted at any time.

Clean our planet from plastic waste pollution an offset you plastic waste footprint has never been easier, safe and transparent

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