DSC Solutions and the mission of the new Italian Ministry of Ecology Transaction

DSC Solutions and the mission of the new Italian Ministry of Ecology Transaction


The world situation created by the Covid-19 epidemic has certainly changed the economy, the politics but also the energy sector. As a result, in Italy the environmental and energy situation have pushed the establishment of a new Ministry.

A few days ago the Council of Ministers decreed the establishment of MITE, the Ministry of Ecology Transition. This was announced by the new minister Roberto Cingolani: “It is an imposing challenge, a challenge on which the whole government is committed to working to bring it to an end. We have little time to win it, the scientific data on climate change tell us ”

Minister adds: “the entire government is committed to the realization of this new vision for a future generations”. The reference policies range from energy to sustainable development, from green mobility to the fight against climate change.

Main mission of the Ministry therefore includes:

  • the development of the environment, the territory and the ecosystem
  • the conservation of protected natural areas and biodiversity
  • the circular economy
  • the preserve of the territory and the fight against environmental damage


In addition, there will be other objectives, some consequent such as energy policy, emissions, sustainable development, green mobility and policies to combat climate change.

DSC-Solutions, through its innovative and integrated technology, will contribute to this change. We want to wish the new minister Cingolani a good job, with the hope that his actions will be concrete and rapid. Everything will pass from the ability to manage the Italian bureaucracy, but we will talk about it in the next article