New Partnership: Assiwama

New Partnership: Assiwama


We are pleased to announce another special partnership for the development of our projects: Assiwama (Waste Management Association) is a group of professionals, University Research, institutions and small, medium and large companies that follow developments in the waste sector respecting human health and environmental protection. The Assiwama is founded with a great passion in the world of management and recycling of waste materials, their optimization and transformation.

Through its network, the association contributes to the implementation of projects, and training the figures involved in the process, one above all the Waste Manager. The main target is to innovate with new technologies, in order to improve the environment through the use of highly innovative tools and research activities involving working groups and research institutions

The President of Assiwama Dr. Dino Di Cicco: “Assiwama supports, develops and digitizes innovative techniques for waste management. It promotes the use of new technologies and the increase of technical development, with research centers and start-ups with high technological value. Having DSC Solutions at our side is a strong added value for us for all these future activities, we have the same vision on what must be the correct management and transformation of waste materials”.


“Our sector – says General Manager Roberto Frezzais growing in an important and fast way (the upcoming European and national incentives will be a further accelerator) and create renewable energy from waste materials will become fundamental for the efficiency of every Country in the World. In this perspective, it is very important to have a Partner like Assiwama, who will be able to support us in the management, also through the training of a new important professional figure, the Waste Manager “.

Another very important piece has been added, thanks also to the work done by Daniele Barbuto.

The main target of DSC Solutions and Assiwama is to direct the waste material towards the best solution for the producer and the environment, and not consider it as a cost, but as a resource.

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