Partnership with Brixia Pharm International

Partnership with Brixia Pharm International


We are pleased to announce the establishment of a new partnership between Dsc Solutions and Brixia Pharm International. Through this initiative, we hope to contribute to workplace and environmental safety during the Covid-19 period.

Brixia Pharm, based in the province of Brescia, was founded three years ago and deals with the supply of EU-certified personal protective equipment (PPE) to SMEs and hospitals, RSA and RRSA.

We had a strong commercial growth in 2020, having been the national epicenter for the Covid 19 virus with neighboring provinces, as there was a period of great uncertainty, and the sector was literally invaded by improvised companies, born in a hurry exclusively to ride the current moment.

Chaos reigned between very high prices, severe delays in deliveries, very poor quality materials, and above all with false certifications and therefore not up to standard. The news is full of articles that talk about millions of masks and other products, seized around Italy because they are not compliant, and therefore not protective, or even harmful, as well as many people reported for fraud.

Brixia Pharm has always used and will continue to use compliant and pre-authorized materials by the competent bodies on the subject, in order to protect our and your safety, thanks to EU certified raw material suppliers, found after a long and exhausting process of selection.

The FFP2 masks, 100% Made in Italy, customizable with the company logo, are made with 25% natural fibers, which is the maximum obtainable to be EU certified.

Brixia Pharm guarantees not only maximum safety and sustainability, but also fast and consistent deliveries, as well as three types of guarantees:

  • Money-back guarantee of 100%.
  • Protection Guarantee – We pay the fines that our customers incur if their products fail to meet government regulations.


Click here to download the PDF. In case of interest we will share the official certifications.