Dsc Solutions join Corsair Group International in launching CSR in the European market.

CSR is the Corporate Social Responsibility (the company policy to against pollution to protect the environment), in a simple way, a Plastic Credit.

It is the first digital receipt that certifies that a certain amount of plastic waste has been removed from the environment and totally recycled, something that cannot be said for the plastic that every company throws into the appropriate containers every day.

To be able to monitor and prove that the whole process of recovery and transformation is real and complete with 100% recycling, Blockchain is used. Agile and fast in transactions, more and more companies are adopting it to manage information, thanks to its secure, transparent and independent characteristics.

These are therefore digital certificates destined to become the younger brothers of the well-known Carbon Credit, which reached a total market of 280 billion dollars in 2020.

After the first partnerships in the Asian market, we are now looking at the European market, where all companies will have to protect their CSR more and more, especially if they want to communicate it to the market to demonstrate their environmental commitment to their customers.

Supporting a green policy has become of primary importance by most brands globally, as it has become a decisive factor in the choice of products to buy for a large segment of people.

According to a survey by Shelton Group, nearly 80% of American consumers already choose to buy from companies and stores that demonstrate that they reduce or eliminate the plastic waste they put into the market through their operations.



How do CSRs work?

The process is very simple and follows these steps:

  • a calculation is made of the environmental impact of the company’s plastic waste;
  • the corresponding amount is collected, removed and transformed into advanced fuel ready to produce new plastic;
  • the corresponding CSRs are disbursed to the company, along with a Plastic Neutral certificate, validated and tracked by the blockchain.


At this point, the company, in addition to receiving the certificate, will be able to apply the CSR label on their products, showing their commitment to recover and recycle their direct (from processing) or indirect (from their consumers) plastic waste.

Before ending this article, we want to tell you about Corsair Group.

It is an international Holding Company that develops sustainable solutions to combat and solve environmental problems such as plastic waste, air and soil pollution, and climate change.

Specifically, it makes available, in Asia and Europe, its facilities for transforming plastic waste into advanced fuel such as Advanced 2nd generation Fuel, from which it is possible to derive:

  • Diesel,
  • Jet-fuel,
  • Marine Diesel and other derivatives.


This high quality oil also takes on another more important use, that is, it becomes raw material to produce new plastic (instead of crude oil), resulting in a pure chemical recycling.

Becoming Plastic Neutral has never been so easy, safe and transparent.

Contact us for more information and calculate your plastic pollution footprint.